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FANFIC: sic vita est (thus is life); Heroes/Supernatural crossover - Heroes Are Everywhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FANFIC: sic vita est (thus is life); Heroes/Supernatural crossover [Oct. 21st, 2008|01:05 pm]
Heroes Are Everywhere
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Title: sic vita est (thus is life)
Author: greyelveneyes
Prompt #: My prompt table is here! Prompt # 1, Genesis
Characters: Mohinder Suresh, Dean and Sam Winchester, Sylar & Gabriel Gray, Peter Petrelli, Castiel
Pairings: Implicative of a later-established Gabriel/Mohinder, and slight-but-not-so-slight Castiel/Mohinder
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all, and the only profit I make from this is the appreciation of a collection of comments and/or constructive criticism from fellow fanfiction writers. All characters that you see as recognizable belong to their respective creators!
Rating: PG-13 at most.
Warnings: Crossover of Heroes with Supernatural, and therefore an alternate universe, with chunks taken from both canons. Spoilers for up to both S3 of Heroes and S4 of Supernatural. Genre mash-up, a bit of creative manipulation of the timelines, and any possible consent issues that arise from angelic/demonic possession of body/vessel, but it’s all relatively innocent. Potential OOC-ness, as crossovers are liable to be, and unbetaed by anyone but me.

Summary: There have been only been three times, so far, that Mohinder’s dealt with the Winchester men, and each time always felt more unbelievable than the last.

Word Count: Approx 8,150
Author’s Notes: Written because of levitatethis’s comment about: “a crossover with Castiel/Mohinder.” What can I say? I was sold. This serves as a bookend piece to both Demon and Newly Awakened. Reading those first isn’t vitally necessary, but I’d imagine it’d help quite a bit with understanding this universe.


sic vita est (thus is life)


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